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Smart solution for your veterinary business

Who uses the Jet.Vet app

Veterinary clinics (from private doctor to chain clinics)
Veterinary pharmacies and pet shops
Grooming salons

How does our veterinary application works

What can the app do

Full automation

With JetVet you can easily automate all your routine processes, eliminating the fear of "forgetting or missing out"..


  • Automate employee payroll with maximum accuracy.
  • One-click prescriptions for typical diagnoses, vaccinations with smart templates.
  • Admission and vaccination reminders for you and your clients.
  • Reminders about overdue stock.
  • ...and more

All this will increase your profits by at least 20% in just the first six months of using the service*.

* - based on our client statistics

App for pet owners JetVetPass®

We were the first who made an app for a client.

With JetVetPass® Your clients can view your clinic attendance history and treatment plans at any time

You will have a direct channel of feedback to the customer!

You will be able to send reminders and marketing emails absolutely free of charge!

Cashback in-app system!

Know more about JetVetPass.

Pharmacy and warehouses

The Pharmacy Management module — is a powerful yet simple management tool to automate the sale of consumables and preparations in a veterinary clinic/pharmacy or pet shop.

Convenient and flexible statistics on sales and stock balances will increase the efficiency of your business.

A smart system for reminding you of overdue items and quick ordering of suppliers saves you time, money and nerves!

This module can function independently.


Don't like statistics and lots of incomprehensible numbers? Statistics from JetVet will change your attitude — complex reports in a simple way!

  • Revenue and net profit;
  • Doctor's profitability;
  • Payroll calculation;
  • Clinic visits and workload;
  • Profitability of pharmacy;
  • Profitability of manipulation;

Momentary reports on:

  • Stock balances;
  • Debtors.

And more...

And if that's not enough — the report designer is at your service.

Registry and Calendar

View and edit an appointment record. Creating new records.

Allows you to manage customer queues, quickly find and create customer and patient cards.

The calendar clearly shows the availability of doctors and allows you to choose a convenient appointment time.

Client and patient directories

Client files with a quick search by name/phone number or their pet.

The customer card contains all the necessary information about the customer.

Patient files with a quick search by nickname/individual number.

The patient record contains all relevant information about it, including the history of visits, history of vaccination history, files from the examination and treatment of the patient.

Templates (generic diagnoses, vaccines, etc.)

The card index of standard diagnoses, vaccinations, standard appointments and manipulations greatly simplifies the work of the doctor when making a diagnosis and treatment regimen and of the receptionist when issuing a cheque for an appointment...

Here you can add and edit settings for the most common diagnoses, vaccines for later use.


Benefits - why you should use the JetVet app

Simple clever

It does not require complex integrations, implementations or configurations. It can be handled by anyone.

Pet owners application

For the convenience of your customers - we have created an app for pet owners - JetVetPass®. Now your Your clients can view your clinic's visit history and treatment plans at any time, and you can send them alerts absolutely free of charge!

Reliable data storage

Your data is securely stored. It is not possible to retrieve it without your permission.

Live support

Advice and assistance
in using Jet.Vet is provided by people with full information and knowledge!

  • 14 days free trial;
  • Cost of a monthly subscription for the price of few cups of coffee ;-).

To use Jet.Vet you need any modern device - smartphone, tablet, laptop, personal computer.

ow you don't have to worry about software licences.

database transfer
Transferring databases from your software

We understand the potential complexities of the process and are here to help.

Absolute scalability

We can easily provide a solution for the individual doctor, a small clinic or a chain of clinics.

Continuous development

We are always on the lookout for the best functionality for your business. We don't stop, we are passionate about building.

Best prices

14 daysFree trial.

  1. The document refers to a patient admission or pharmacy receipt
  2. If you have an electronic customer database, price lists etc., our specialists will transfer them to JetVet (cost to be negotiated individually)
  3. Space on our servers over and above what is included in the package is charged separately


Annual international veterinary conference
World Small Animal Veterinary Association
Look for some unique solution for your veterinary business — we are at your service.

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